The High Capacity FLUID-TROL III Hose Valve is now available with an optional wand extension!

Fluid Trol III Hose Valve wand extension
Shown with optional wand extension & optional swivel

The NEW FLUID-TROL III Hose Valve improves durability for heavy-duty industrial service, while maintaining high flow capacity and efficiency. This new design provides easier, more ergonomic and safer operation. The Fluid Trol III Hose Valve is offered with optional wand extensions that facilitate use in difficult-to-reach areas.

The FLUID-TROL III Hose Valve (with stainless steel air nozzles shown above) satisfies OSHA requirement 1910.242 for the full range of recommended supply pressure. The wand extensions come with integral stainless steel air nozzles that also complies with OSHA requirements (1910.242) for the full range of recommended supply pressure.

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FLUID-TROL III Hose Valve Data Sheet
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  • For use in both air or water service (with appropriate nozzle selection)
  • High flow capacity and efficiency
  • Quick opening
  • Automatic shut-off when lever is released
  • Leak-tight
  • Regulating (throttleable) flow
  • New solid steel handle redesigned for a comfortable grip
  • Improved strength of internal hose valve components for increased durability
  • Optional swivel to increase maneuverability
  • Optional OSHA compliant wand extension available in 2 and 5 feet lengths