FLUID-TROL III Hose Valve Parts Diagram

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Installation Instructions

FLUID-TROL III Hose Valve Installation Instructions
Fluid-Trol III Hose Valve Line Drawing

Hose Adapters

Three hose adapter sizes are available (1/2", 3/4", and 1") to match your hose system. Size listed is inside hose diameter.

Service Nozzles and Wand Extensions

Two nozzle types are available for the FLUID-TROL III Hose Valve: a brass water service nozzle and a self-relieving design for air service nozzle. If the air nozzle's end is blocked, the six side ports allow a safe level of air flow. The air service nozzle, available in stainless steel, complies with OSHA standards, paragraph 1910.242(B), up to 150 psig maximum air supply.

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