Features & Applications

Put durability in your corner.

Get superior flow capacity and long-lasting endurance for your industrial service needs. The FLUID-TROL III Hose Valve features a more ergonomic design than ever before, allowing for more efficient, effective and safe operation. 

For use in both air or water service!


Who should use the FLUID-TROL III Hose Valve? 

From deep-cleaning brewery tanks to clearing conveyors belts of debris, there’s nothing this heavy-duty hose valve can’t handle.

  • Pulp and paper industries, including re-threading of paper milling machines
  • Wash-down of stainless steel and lined tanks, including those used in:
    • Dairy products
    • Food and beverage processors
    • Chemical plants

 And, because the FLUID-TROL III Hose Valve is built specifically for industrial applications, expect a long service life in harsh environments.

  • Automatic shut-off when lever is released
  • Leak-tight
  • Quick opening
  • Regulating (throttleable) flow
  • New solid steel handle redesigned for a comfortable grip
  • Improved strength of internal hose valve components for increased durability
  • Optional swivel to increase maneuverability


On board with OSHA regulations

Safety first! The FLUID-TROL III Hose Valve (with stainless steel air nozzles, shown above) satisfies OSHA requirement 1910.242 for the full range of recommended supply pressure. The wand extensions come with integral stainless steel air nozzles that also comply with OSHA requirements (1910.242) for the full range of recommended supply pressure.